Rubina Ratnakar

Regulating The Blood Sugar Level by Rubina Ratnakar

Diabetes is a common problem faced by a lot of people these days. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar suggests various ways that will help you in regulating the blood sugar level externally.

The insulin hormone in our body is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels. Less secretion of insulin in our body leads to diabetes. Many of the people suffering from diabetes take either tablets or injections of insulin to control their blood sugar level. Apart from your body taking care of the blood sugar level, you can take many steps to help your body too.

Start with taking a morning walk, or exercising every day. The more you engage yourself in physical activities, the lesser is the risk of diabetes. So, even in small amounts, you should be exercising daily.

A proper and balanced with the entire nutrients required amount is always beneficial for your health. If you are suffering from diabetes, try to control the carbohydrates content in your diet. Carbohydrates give us energy but are also the ones responsible for problems like obesity and diabetes. So, a decrease in the carbohydrates intake will help you to regulate the blood sugar level.

Always keep yourself hydrated. Drinking a lot of water gives you many benefits apart from just treating diabetes. Drink about 5-6 glasses of water a day to keep your blood sugar level under control. Avoid drinking fluids that contain sugar and have the high calorie content.

Apart from the eating habits that lead to diabetes, there is another reason which leads to diabetes. The prevailing reason for rising sugar levels is an increase in the stress level. Our body releases certain hormones when we are under stress. These hormones can increase the sugar level in the blood. So, we need to manage stress and stay relaxed. Yoga, swimming, and meditation are some great ways to relax your mind. Check out some great tips to manage stress.

Along with all the other elements, good quality sleep will also help you to regulate blood sugar levels. Insufficient sleep or poor quality of sleep will increase the risk of diabetes.

Obese people face a lot of health problems and one of them is diabetes. So, maintaining your weight or losing weight in case of obesity is an effective way of regulating blood sugar levels.

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