Rubina Ratnakar

Dealing With Hypertension by Rubina Ratnakar

Many of us are facing the problem of high blood pressure these days. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar helps you in dealing with hypertension in some natural ways.

Apart from the medicines you are taking, there are various ways to keep your blood pressure in control. One of the prevalent reasons for an increase in blood pressure is the increase in body weight. So try to lose weight and stay fit. Consider exercising daily and staying physically healthy. Cardiovascular activities will improve your breathing and will help your body in supplying proper oxygen to all the cells. A morning walk is beneficial for all people suffering from hypertension. Other activities like jogging, cycling, and swimming can also help in lowering your blood pressure.

A healthy diet always eliminates a number of health problems. So, in order to stay fit to avoid foods that can increase the fat and cholesterol of your body. A good habit that will help you in developing a healthy diet is to always read food labels. See the nutrient content of the foods you are having.

As a patient suffering from hypertension you should try to consume foods that are rich in potassium. Check out some foods that are rich in potassium. To control your blood pressure you should consider monitoring your blood pressure regularly. Buy a blood pressure monitor to keep a check on the blood pressure. Always stay connected with your doctor and do not consume medicines without prescriptions.

To maintain the desired level of blood pressure which is 120 mm of Hg (systolic) and 80mm of Hg (diastolic) you will need to get rid of some addictive habits.

One of the addictive habits you need to avoid is drinking coffee or other sources that contain caffeine. Caffeine is capable of raising your blood pressure with a boost, so it is generally advised to drink coffee if you are facing low blood pressure.

Alcohol and smoking are two things you need to avoid completely. Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes will increase your heart rate and hence increase the blood pressure too.

Keep your mind relaxed and your body healthy to lead a smooth life. Check out another blog by Rubina Ratnakar: ‘Mobile phones and our health‘ and ‘Working out without equipment‘.