Rubina Ratnakar

Beat The Heat by Rubina Ratnakar

All of us know how difficult it is to work and stay active in the summers. Rubina Ratnakar comes up with another interesting blog on health, fitness, and changing lifestyle. In this blog, we talk about various ways to handle the approaching summer.

With changes in our lifestyles, our health and fitness have changed too. People these days are less immune and likely to fall ill. With the change in weather, our body’s needs change too. Some critical changes occur when summers are coming. Our body gets tired more often and is likely to get dehydrated easily. So we need to pay attention to our changing needs. Some great ideas are given by Rubina Ratnakar in this blog.

Drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration and fatigue. Start your day by drinking a glass of water. Try to drink 6-7 glasses of water every day.  Drink fruit juices and milkshakes you like. This will help your body to keep up with the changing weather. Working out in water is another great idea. Swimming will help you to do both of them. You can burn calories by swimming and feel cool as well. You can go swimming early mornings before going to work or after coming back. Swimming will help you to release stress and feel fresh.

Meditation is another recreational activity that will help you to keep calm and give you a sense of stability. It will help you to tackle the changing weather and henceforth changing health.

Another very important thing to look after in the summer season is the type of clothes you wear. Wear cotton clothes in summer as they are light and airy. They absorb the sweat and keep you cool even in intense heat. Avoid wearing black or dark clothes in summer as they absorb heat.

The types of food you eat also determine your health and fitness. You should eat food with high water content to avoid dehydration. Some of the foods that you can eat during summers to stay hydrated are cucumber, mint, curd, ice-cream, and all the things that will keep you cool internally. Check out the food items that will beat the summer heat.

Some other ideas to tackle summers are to drink water often, avoid stepping out in extreme temperatures, wear sunscreens and avoid strenuous activities during the afternoon.

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