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Plan Your Perfect Workout by Rubina Ratnakar

Rubina Ratnakar comes up with another interesting and significant topic based on planning your work out. 

With the change in lifestyle, attention and focus have been driven more towards fitness these days. Some of us want to lose weight, some want to gain weight, some want to increase their stamina, while some of us want to build a stronger body. So plan your work out accordingly. Based on your preference you should choose your gym plan or the activities you want to do to achieve your goal. So first of all, set up your goal. Decide whether you want to gain weight or you want to lose weight. This is the basic idea behind choosing a workout plan. Body mass index is a very useful tool that will help you determine whether to lose weight or to gain some. Your bodyweight should be according to your height and age. Know more about Body Mass Index, ‘here’.

After you set your goal, you should now plan your workout forth. Whenever we think about working out, walking is the first thing that comes to our mind. A person who goes for a morning or evening walk is less likely to fall ill.

Cardiovascular activities are the next one to be determined and planned out. These exercises improve your breathing rate, makes the heart healthier and your body more capable of doing work. Cardio includes walking, running, cycling, kickboxing, swimming, and even dancing. It is your choice whether you want to do all this in your gym or individually. Along with cardiovascular activities you need to do some weight training also. Weight training and cardio together contribute towards shaping your body. The best way to do weight training is to split them up weekly. You can split them and sort them into pairs like legs, shoulders and arms, chest and abs, and a day for high-energy cardio activities. Keep a day off between your weekly schedule to relax your body and avoid draining of body energy due to an intense workout. Your weekly workout plan completely depends on your body shape and the amount and intensity of exercises your body needs.

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