Rubina Ratnakar

A Protien-Rich Diet by Rubina Ratnakar

Looking forward to losing weight earlier than normal? Rubina Ratnakar brings a perfect blog for those who are looking forward to losing some weight. In this blog, we talk about a diet that is rich in protein. People who generally want to lose weight opt for a diet rich in protein and contains less amount of carbohydrates. Avoiding carbohydrates shall be accompanied by reducing the consumption of the other nutrients too.

You have to keep a number of things in order to plan a protein-rich diet. While planning your diet, you need to access the protein requirement of your body. The protein requirement depends on your body weight completely. You need 0.8g to 1g of protein for every kilogram of your weight. For example, if you weigh 65 kg, you need about 65g of protein. So, start planning your protein-rich diet according to the requirement of your body.

After you know what amount of protein your body needs, divide it equally among your daily meals and do not try to fulfill the requirement all at once. Take foods containing protein along with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keep all the other nutrients’ content low in your diet and increase your protein quotient in order to provide energy to your body. Include vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items rich in protein to fulfill your requirements. Foods that contain a high amount of protein are eggs, beef, dairy products, chicken breasts, nuts, fish, sprouts, and oats. Check out more protein-rich foods ‘here’.

All protein-rich foods are not beneficial for our body and such foods should be avoided. Some of them are sugary foods like candies, baked foods, and food items with artificial sweeteners. Try to eat food items with a high quality of protein.

As your body needs all the nutrients in the right amount, thus, taking proteins in high amounts for a long period of time can cause problems like excessive weight gain, dehydration, kidney damage, increased risk of cancer and heart diseases. So, Rubina Ratnakar advises you to take a high protein diet for a short interval of time and switch back to your normal diet once your goal is achieved. Don’t forget to check out our blog ‘Nutrients in the right amount’ and ‘Getting in shape after pregnancy‘ for more diet-related ideas.