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A Green Diet by Rubina Ratnakar

Dieting and working out is what everyone is doing these days. Rubina Ratnakar writes up another interesting blog to give you a perfect green diet. This blog is especially for the people who are vegetarian and want to opt for a diet with mainly green vegetables.

A balanced diet is important for our bodies to function well. All the nutrients are required by our body in a fixed amount. Check out our blog ‘Nutrients in the Right Amount,’ to know more. We emphasize planning a green and healthy diet for you.

One of the things you should do while switching to a green diet is to start buying organic items. Food items that are grown organically contain a lot more nutrients.

Avoid eating non-vegetarian food items. Try to avoid chicken, meat, fish, and various other high protein items.

Try out more and more green leafy vegetables instead. Eat grains and legumes which will keep you healthy. Avoid eating junk food and things that contain artificial sweeteners.

Always try to eat things which are pure and of good quality. Eating leafy vegetables reduce the risk of catching diseases. Some of the really nutritious vegetables are, kale, spinach, lettuce, parsley, basil, broccoli, sprouts, and etc. check out food items that can constitute your green diet.

Another way to keep your diet green is to drink a lot of green juices. You can drink green juices of any vegetable you think is of your preferred taste.

To change your taste, you can switch to food items like green apples and kiwis in order to add a sour taste in your green diet. They are really beneficial for our body as they help you in controlling your sugar level.

Fruit salads or vegetable salads are great ideas to fulfill your diet. Add spinach and carrot to make your diet more nutritious.

Rubina Ratnakar writes various and versatile blogs focusing on the health and fitness of their clients. Dieting, working out, and relaxing with changing lifestyles are our basic ideals. We put in every effort to bring up topics or problems that most of us are facing these days. Changing lifestyles encourage us to change our ways too.

We at Rubina Ratnakar, focus on helping you to lead a healthy life and staying fit. Check out our blogs on ‘Losing weight without workout‘ and ‘Gym at home‘.