Rubina Ratnakar

Gaining Weight In The Right Way by Rubina Ratnakar

Every person these days wants to be fit and healthy and is really conscious about it. Rubina Ratnakar brings up another very interesting and useful blog for those who are looking forward to gaining some weight.

Many of us are after losing their weight whereas many of us are underweight and are looking forward to gaining some weight. Our desired weight depends on our height and age. One of the techniques to know about our required bodyweight is to access the Body Mass Index. Know more about the Body Mass Index technique. If your weight doesn’t fall within the limit it should, you definitely need to gain some weight.

Now, one thing you need to take care of is that there is a difference between being healthy and being obese. You should not just start eating a lot in order to gain weight. You should eat the right food in the right amount. This will decrease the chances of obesity.

First of all, do not skip your meals. To gain weight and make your body strong enough you need to eat frequently and in a sufficient amount. Plan your diet; add heavy as well as light meals accordingly. Try to eat different types of foods containing different nutrients in your meal. Eating different nutrients will provide a lot of energy to your body.

Do physical activities to balance the increased amount of food intake in your body. If not working out, try to go for the morning as well as evening walks.

Sleep is another important factor in determining your health and fitness. It affects every aspect of your health. Try to get a sufficient amount of sleep so that your body is able to stay active and perform its functions well.

Focusing on the intake of food to gain weight, filter out the foods that are most beneficial for you. Try to eat rice, meat, nuts, peanut butter, bread, food items containing starch like potatoes, corn, oats, pasta, and legumes, dried fruits, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and many more energy-giving as well as protein-containing foods. Eating the right food in the right amount and doing some physical activity is the key to gain weight in the right way.

If you think you are underweight, Rubina Ratnakar advises you to visit a doctor soon because a health problem or disease can be the reason behind it. Don’t forget to check our other health-focused blog on ‘Staying mentally fit in quarantine‘ and ‘Best fitness trackers‘.