Rubina Ratnakar

Gym etiquette by Rubina Ratnakar

All of us love to go to the gym as we are drawn towards fitness and strength. Similar to other places, there are certain rules that should be followed in the gym too. Rubina Ratnakar familiarizes you with some of the important gym etiquettes in this blog.
Beginning with some of the basic rules, you should always wear clean gym clothes and make sure you carry a towel with you. Since you are definitely going to sweat a lot, keep on wiping yourself and the equipment you use, also. All the people that are using the gym should keep this in mind to promote cleanliness and hygiene.
Always keep the things you use, back at their place. This is a rule which is sometimes even written on the posters around the gym. The basic reason behind this is that, if the weights are lying around anyone can trip over them and get injured. So, if you find any equipment lying around, put it back.
Take care of the electronic machines as well. Make sure you switch off the treadmill after using it. This is something that we even follow at our home.
Don’t use the equipment for a very long time while you are working out, make sure other people are not waiting for the equipment you are using. Complete your exercise and pass on the equipment to other people.
Avoid talking to people for a long time. Try to talk as little as possible because getting into chitchat will waste a lot of time and deteriorate the seriousness of your workout. Check out some great tips to ‘plan your perfect workout’.
Selfies are like the new in-thing. Whenever we go somewhere, we want to capture every moment. In the gym, we take selfies to keep a record of our progress but this habit should be limited as you may be distracting others. As soon as something like this happens, you should keep the phone away and not waste time.
If you see someone working out near the equipment you need, ask before picking that up. Picking up the equipment without asking may increase your chances of tripping down or getting hurt.

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