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How To Build Muscles Naturally By Rubina Ratnakar

Building muscle is very common among people these days, it’s the representation of their dominance over others. It’s something that we all want, a perfect body with perfect muscle is what we all need. But in this process, we are introduced to some supplements that degrade our lifestyle. So today Rubina Ratnakar will tell you how to build your muscles naturally so that you can virtue the healthy lifestyle of living while working on your muscles.

  • Don’t skip a meal

It’s one of the most important things that you must remember while building your muscles naturally. You don’t have to skip any meal, as you are avoiding supplements so you need to gain mass, and here comes your proper diet. Eat breakfast enriched in proteins and fats (omelets, cottage cheese, smoothie) so that you can gain mass and start working on your muscles.

  • Drink a lot of water

In building muscles naturally, you have to eat a lot, and for your body to consume all this, you have to drink a lot of water. It’ll keep you hydrated and will help you in building your muscles naturally. While training we lose a lot of water and you can end up having a deficiency of the same, so always keep a bottle with you while working out so that you’re always water-filled.

  • Eat only carbs

After workout

One of the basic steps in building your muscles naturally is to eat, exercise, and eat. That’s the basic outlook of building muscle. But you must eat only carbs after your workout. Eating carbs after your workout will fill up the deficiency caused during the workout and will keep you going. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (they contain more carbs than any other corn and starch). You can also eat rice, potato, pasta, oats, etc.

So these are few methods that can you help you build your muscles naturally without the intake of any supplement or any other artificial thing. No pain, no gain.

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