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Your Fitness Routine By Rubina Ratnakar

It’s an era where everyone craves a healthy and perfect body. You cannot just wander around with a fat body, it adds a grimacing look to your personality and makes you feel anxious. Everyone wants to be fit but they fail to follow that fitness routine due to several reasons, but today Rubina Ratnakar is here to show and find your perfect fitness routine which you can follow in no time and get that amazing body that you were craving for so long. So, without any further delay let’s get it started.

  • Know your body

Don’t just go and take membership of any gym before knowing what your body type is. You must first know your body to start working on it. There are several parts where you must work more and there may be few parts where you don’t even have to, so it’s important to know which part of your body you’ll have to start working.

  • Set goals

Set daily goals

The best way to stick to your fitness routine is to set goals. Various studies have shown that setting a goal may help you develop faster with a regular motivation of achieving more. So, always set goals.

  • Start slow, proceed slowly

This mantra will change your life, don’t just work out for 4 hours on your first day, you have to start slowly and when you get the taste of it, you’ll be automatically addicted to it. So you don’t have to do everything on the first day, take it slowly and you’ll reach unimaginable heights.

  • Give time for recovery

The best way to get fit is to give yourself some time to recover. You don’t have to directly stick to another exercise just after finishing the first one, give your body some time to register what you’ve been doing now and you’ll gradually see the accelerating results.

So these are few tips that you must consider while building up your fitness routine so that you may retain a healthy and prosperous life.

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