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CICO diet plan by Rubina Ratnakar

The word CICO means calorie-in calorie out. This principle is used in order to stay fit and fine. A CICO diet plan is nothing but regulating the intake of calories. The idea behind a CICO plan is that you have to decrease the number of calories you eat as compared to the number of calories you burn. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar talks about a CICO diet plan.

First of all, you need a fitness tracking device or an app for tracking calories. A study says that 1 pound is equal to 3500 calories. So if you are looking forward to losing weight then you need to do the math and lose calories accordingly.

Some good fitness tracking apps are MyfitnessPal, Strava, Runkeeper, Google Fit, HealthifyMe, Fitness22, and OEM Fitness Tracker.

Instead of just decreasing the amount of calorie intake, you should deeply understand the requirements of your body. Once you know the nutrients requirement of your body, you will be able to develop a plan to achieve your fitness objective. Look at the carbs requirement, protein requirement, and vitamin requirement as well. A balanced diet with proper servings will be a key to your CICO diet.

Most of the calories in our body are filled up by the processed foods. You need to keep a check on those foods. If possible, avoid the foods that are processed.

Whole foods are another great way to keep a check on your calories. Big servings can be taken to keep in line with the CICO diet plan.

Before starting a CICO diet, you need to consider some factors that will adversely influence your fitness regime. Stress, sleep quality, genetics, gender, age, mindset, and physical activity are some determinants before choosing a diet plan.

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