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Reasons for bloating by Rubina Ratnakar

You would have heard about bloating or felt the same at times. Bloating is when you feel that your stomach is always full without eating a lot and feeling gassy. This kind of irritation in your stomach can always result in uneasiness. The term used for this situation is abdominal bloating. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some reasons for bloating and why you are so comfortable all the time.

One of the reasons behind bloating is that you may have ingested it while eating. For example, if you are drinking with a straw it is likely that you may inhale some air. Chewing gum is another way of taking in air that will result in bloating.

An obvious reason behind bloating can be eating too much. If you eat more than your body requires, your stomach will pay the price. The walls of your stomach will get disturbed and it may easily result in feeling full and even puking. So, you should fix the amount of food you eat in your meals.

If you eat very fast, it is likely that you may not chew the food properly and not give the body the required amount of time to digest the food. Eating too fast can be a direct reason why you always feel bloated. To get rid of this problem, you should practice mindful eating. Eat your food in peace and paying all your attention to the food will help you in digesting properly.

There are some foods that create gas in the digestive tract. Some vegetables and foods containing high fiber can be the reasons behind you feel gassy all the time. Avoid carbonated drinks if you want to eliminate this feeling of bloating.

Apart from everyday reasons, there may be some major reasons behind feeling bloated all the time as well. They may be pregnancy, constipation, food allergies, liver diseases, smoking, and PMS.

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