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Alcohol and weight gain by Rubina Ratnakar

In western culture, alcohol is an important part of a person’s diet. People cannot abandon alcohol from their lives. If a person doesn’t drink any kind of alcohol, he/she may still be drinking wine on some occasions. There are many effects of drinking alcohol on our health and our body parts. One major effect is on our body weight. A person may put on weight if he/she drinks more than the appropriate amount of alcohol. Rubina Ratnakar talks about alcohol and weight gain in this blog.

Alcohol beverages contain empty calories that result in weight gain. Additionally, we eat more calories when we are drinking as compared to when we are sober. It’s a trend to eat while drinking and is important for the health as well. Thus, drinking overall results in the consumption of a whole lot of calories.

Drinking alcohol slows down the process of digestion. When one drinks alcohol the body starts breaking down the calories from alcohol first in order to obtain energy. All the fats and glucose are broken down after the alcohol. So, it can delay the process of fat burning. Alcohol is responsible for fat to the belly. Beer contains simple sugars that result in storing a lot of calories in our bodies. Excessive intake of beer will ultimately lead to the accumulation of body fat.

We are aware of the fact that alcohol negates our ability to think. This happens a lot when we are drinking. Our brain tends to eat much more than its normal condition. You will also see that you will feel more hungry when you are drunk.

We feel dizzy and sleepy after drinking sleeping before our every day’s time will lead to disturbing our sleep cycle. An irregular sleeping schedule is a factor affecting weight loss. Avoiding daily intake of alcohol is necessary for losing weight.

Not only your mental abilities are hampered by alcohol. Your physical processes like digestion are also disturbed. Your body is not able to perform the basic functions of assimilation and breakdown.

Limit the alcohol intake if you want to lose weight effectively.

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