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Salt and our body by Rubina Ratnakar

Salt is a major source of sodium for our bodies. The common salt contains 40% sodium and 60% chlorine. Salt is an unavoidable part of the taste of our diet. It is popular because of the taste it adds to the food. Many people believe that intake of salt causes many problems to be our health. On the other hand, some believe that salt is necessary for our body as it helps in the smooth performance of body functions. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some effects of salt on our bodies.

There are many types of salt but table salt is the one that is consumed. Iodine is added to the table salt to complete the body requirements. Even if we don’t add salt to the food. Some foods naturally contain salt. One function of salt is to act as s preservative to many things.

Even the common salt comes in various types. Some types are Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, and plain to table salt. The types are based on the basis of procurement of salt. One common way of obtaining salt is to boil seawater. By the process of crystallization, all the minerals and the salt are left. Another way of producing salt is by the production process carried out in salt mines. Some people believe that reduction of salt in their diet is good for them. On the other hand, less consumption of salt leads to increased cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease, and a tendency of the body to resist insulin which will ultimately lead to diabetes.

We do not suggest an excessive intake of salt either. Some studies have shown that a high intake of salt can lead to many health problems. Some of them are gastric cancer, high blood pressure, and damage to the stomach lining.

If we take about the need for salt in our body, it acts like an electrolyte that is responsible for the carrying out of functions. Sodium helps in regulating the volume of blood and blood pressure. Chloride is another important electrolyte of the body.

Lowering the amount of salt in the be body will lead to falling blood pressure. Even though is a possibility of heart disease but salt is not sure the reason behind it. They are associated but it is not the main cause. Regulated intake of salt is the right decision!

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