Rubina Ratnakar

Secrets of metabolism by Rubina Ratnakar

Metabolism is referred to the processes that our body carried out in order to attain the energy to perform all the life functions. It is followed by the breakdown of the food we eat. Metabolism as a whole signifies the status and progress of the body’s digestive and body-building functions. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar gives some secrets to metabolism that will help you in leading a healthier life.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin whose supplements are eaten in the least amount. This is due to the assumption that we are getting sufficient vitamin D from the sun. Taking Vitamin D supplements will be a booster for your metabolism.

There are many assumptions about dieting and various types of foods that should be eaten and that should be not. There are many ways of intermittent fasting as well that are being adopted these days. Negating all of them, a person should eat three meals a day. This is one of the early-adopted ways of keeping your metabolism fine.

Dark chocolate is actually good for your health. Some of their benefits are stress-alleviating and fat burning. Remember that they should be eaten in the right amount.

Our changed sedentary lifestyle is one of the reasons why we don’t lead the healthy life we used to live before. We spend a major amount of time sitting at our desks in the office and the rest of the time relaxing when we come back home. If you don’t have any time at all for doing any kind of activity in your lift, you should alter your way of working. Try to work while walking or by standing. This will help you in making some difference to your sedentary lifestyle.

You should always try to indulge yourself in cardiovascular activities even though if you can’t go to the gym. Try doing a slow walk on the treadmill for a while in the morning to keep your body going.

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