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All about food addiction by Rubina Ratnakar

Food addiction refers to the habit of eating some foods repeatedly. This habit is not related to hunger. Food addiction occurs when people are sad or under some kind of stress. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar talks about food addiction.

We’ll start with some of the common foods that may be the reason behind food addiction. People love to munch on foods like chips, fries, candies, chocolates, cookies, pasta, and ice cream. These are tasty and are easy to eat. Nobody has to indulge in long-cooking procedures to eat these foods.

If you also love to munch on these foods even when you are not feeling hungry, you may be feeling into food addiction. Listing the symptoms of food addiction, a person begins to have food cravings more often. You may be spending a lot of your daily eating. You may not be able to stop yourself after eating, a packet of chips, or a bar of chocolate. You might be getting into the habit of binge eating.

There is no fixed quantity or quality when you eat. You just feel like eating all the time no matter what. These symptoms are something you should look for if you have been eating a lot lately.

Food addiction will have many ill effects on your physical health. You will become obese, to begin with. You will see that you are pulling on some unnecessary weight and fat in some body parts. Hypertension, diabetes, and many other health problems come with obesity.

Talking about the mental problems, you will be feeling ashamed of yourself. Since it is not making your stress any better, you will feel uncomfortable all the time.

If you want to get out of this problem, you can try out some therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and trauma therapy. You should choose the therapy according to the intensity of your addiction. Even some medications will be great to counter this problem.

Drink plenty of water, develop a habit of doing regular exercise, have a balanced diet, and get enough sleep. Try some stress relaxation techniques to combat your stress.

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