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Mobile Phones and Our Health by Rubina Ratnakar

With rapid development in technology all across the globe, there has been a change in the lifestyle of people too. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar highlights how the usage of mobile phones has affected our health.

Nowadays, every individual you see has a mobile phone. Due to its numerous uses and features, people are becoming more and more habitual and dependent on it. The various applications like social networking apps and gaming apps have engaged people of all ages. Mobile phones are a blessing as they connect people around the world and have made other various tasks easier to perform. But with a large number of benefits, there are many shortcomings too.

One of the most prevalent problems is the weakening of our eyesight. Spending too much time focusing on a small screen can lead to the weakening of your eye muscles and henceforth impairment of vision.

The various radiations emitted by a mobile phone are injurious to health. Those radiations if exposed to, can even damage your cells and tissues and can even lead to cancer. So, it is advised to keep your phone away while sleeping and not to use the phone while charging. The use of mobile can cause neck problems too. You keep your neck down for a long time when you are using your mobile phone. This can cause pain in your neck and muscular problems.

Addiction to the apps and features of the mobile phone can be seen easily in almost all individuals. People tend to spend about 2-3 hours of their day on their mobile phones. Using mobile phones leads to tiring you mentally. A lot of time and a lot of energy are wasted on your mobile phones.

Various body parts are affected by using mobile phones but one interesting thing to know is that even your hands are affected by using mobiles. Typing, swiping and clicking can result in sore thumbs and fingers if done for a long time.

Increased usage of mobile phones can even result in sleep disorders as your mind is diverted by the phone. You will keep checking your mobile again and again. So, this will disturb your sleep and hence cause a number of health problems. Check out some great ways to get rid of the addiction to the phone.

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