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A Good Posture by Rubina Ratnakar

A good posture makes you look better, active, and fitter. Rubina Ratnakar talks about ways to keep a good posture. With the increasing number of health problems, back problems are the ones we hear from almost everyone. Even kids are having problems while sitting, sleeping, or even walking. All these are results of inaccurate and uncomfortable posture. Stooping while sitting and bending at an inappropriate angle cause back problems.

A posture is a way by which we hold our limbs while sitting, standing, or sleeping. A good posture is the correct alignment of the limbs in the most relaxed form. Small things to keep in mind to maintain a good posture are listed in this blog by Rubina Ratnakar.

Always try to sit straight with your back and shoulders aligned properly. Always sit at the end of the chair with your back touching the backrest. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Try to avoid sitting with your legs crossed. You can keep your feet on a footrest if necessary.

Keeping these short things in mind while sitting, will affect your posture a lot. Do not sit in the same posture for a long time. Relax your muscles after every 30 minutes. If your job involves a lot of sitting then take a number of breaks and walk a little.

Adjust the height of your chair according to the height of your desk. Your arms and elbows should rest comfortably on the desk.

A good posture not only depends on the way you sit and walk. It is also affected by the way you lift things. Lifting a very heavy object can cause damage to your muscles and cause back problems. Do not try to lift objects that heavier than you are able to lift. While lifting an object try to keep your back straight and your knees bent to avoid any sudden cramps or injuries. Do not pick up any objects with your knees bent. Do not jerk an object while lifting.

Sleeping positions also affect your posture. Sleep on a soft and comfortable mattress and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Check out things to keep in mind to have a good sleeping posture.

Rubina Ratnakar believes that every individual should pay attention to their body and wellness. Don’t forget to check out our latest blog ‘Beat the heat‘ and ‘Exercises for your kids‘.